Please follow the rules.
Teams that do not comply will not be allowed to participate.

1. Match name


2. League period

From March 7, 2023 to Dec 5, 2023

3. Location

4. Match time

15 minutes (NO half time)

5. Match rules

  • 6 people (including GK)

  • Touch line : throw-in

  • Corner kick : kick

  • Goal kick : kick

  • Back pass GK : as many times as possible

  • Ball : Society ball

  • Draw : A tie ends in a draw (No much more)

6. Suspension

  • If you receive a warning (yellow card) in match, that player can not play 3 minutes.That team reduce one player during 3 minutes.

7. Clothing

  • Soccer spikes are prohibited.

  • Wearing shin guards is optional

8. League format

Two round robin per one day.
4teams league, each team has 3 much (15mini) on day.

9. League ranking

At the end of the league match, the team with the most points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss) will be ranked higher.

If the winning points are the same, the order will be decided according to the following items.

1. Goal difference in league match
2. Total points scored in league match
3. Match result between the corresponding teams

10. Awards


11. Referee

JFC will dispatch referees to each match.

12. Injured

JFC will not be held responsible for any injuries.Injuries during league matches are all self-responsibility.